Frequently Asked Questions

Tomo Matsui


Do I need to have prior experience to join the club?
No, any level of experience from beginners to experienced boxers are welcome and encouraged to join.

Who can join?
Currently enrolled students.

What is the best way to join?
Show up at practice, pay clubs dues $40, and bring a completed Boxer Participation Waiver .

Are there club dues? If so, how much does it cost to join?
Club Member – $40 per semester
Competition Team – $50 per semester, $50 if Spring and Fall semesters of the same calendar year (All team members will receive a USA Boxing Passbook this is require to spar and compete. The Passbook is an insurance for the boxer and covers both practice and competition injuries.)
Competition Team must also pay the Club Member fee, All fees may be waived if each member raises enough money through fundraising.

Does the club provide the necessary equipment? Or do members need to bring their own?
Beginners will need at least a mouthpiece, gloves can be provided for the first few practices until you acquire your own. Don’t need to buy boxing/wrestling shoes. This equipment is not mandatory, but is highly recommended because it limits what one can do in practice.
Team members need proper gear to compete such as mouthpiece, handwraps (180 inch) or gauze, groin protector, and a USA Boxing approved headgear, as well as 16-18 oz sparring gloves for practice (Bag or Mitt Gloves are not permitted for sparring). It is recommended for team members to also have boxing/wrestling shoes and trunks with a contrasting beltline.
The club sells handwraps ($5) and mouthpieces ($3). Consult team members before buying equipment to get the best deal. Members are encourage to order through the club to reduce shipping costs.

Competition Team

Are there tryouts? If so, when are they?
No. Members wanting to compete are able to compete throughout the school year. The head coach will decide who makes the regional/national team based on effort, ability, club involvement, and fundraising.

What do I have to do if I want to compete?
Currently enrolled students taking at least 12 credit hours must attend team practices and sparring practices.

How often does your club compete?
Most matches are on the weekends, usually Saturday. Fall semester around 4-5 invitationals. Spring semester 7-8 invitationals. Boxer will can compete in an invitational one of two ways.
1. If they are pre-matched prior to the invitational.
2. If other schools bring boxers who aren’t matched up, members can get match up at the invitational.
Go to N.C.B.A. Event Calendar to view all of the invitationals/shows.

Any suggestions, recommendations, or questions for the club and/or the website please email the club at

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